Episode 6 – Kerry Smith’s Potvin Supercharged T-Bucket

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Show Notes for Episode 6 – Kerry Smith’s Potvin T-Bucket

Kerry Smith’s Potvin Supercharged T-Bucket
Longer California Custom Roadsters body and wheelbase maintain proportions for front-mounted Potvin blower drive
Faux T grille shell accents Potvin blower drive
Triangular fuel tank and dual radiators in pickup bed make for smooth cruising with a front end that mystifies many
Truly rare Halibrand quikchange independent rear suspension is super-clean-looking

Even more great pics and the entire story of Kerry Smith’s T-Bucket at TBucketPlans.com.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Kerry Smith’s Potvin Supercharged T-Bucket”

  1. I know Kerry’s bucket from the tbucketeer.com forum. He’s an interesting guy with what seems a natural technical curiosity. While not my personal style I really admire this car and its on-going evolution. You can spend a looong time going over the details which I think is a home run for a bucket.

  2. To find out if you have found a truly gear-head geezer, say the word “Potvin.” If he gets a gleam in his eye, you’ve got him!

  3. Wow, at first glance I thought you had twin Halibrands making a very unique T and then I noticed the front axle. Which means that had to be a Potvin in the front, very cool. Under closer scrutiny all the special details started coming out, extended frame, four bar, body stretch. Lots of neat goodies on this one. The only thing I kind of questioned was the rear spindle mounts. I see you have no upper controls there, unless I didn’t see them. Do you get any pinch factor because of this or are you relying on bearings to maintain vertical alignment on the rear wheels? I am listening to the interview while looking at your T and was just wondering about the electricals and then you started on about your alternator being on the driveline. This was going to be my next question, now it’s this one. With it being on the driveline, does it not charge when you are not moving? Don’t get me wrong, I love this T, this has to be the most unique build I’ve ever seen.
    You were talking about using a switch for your Potvin, here’s an idea. Maybe you could use the clutch drive from an A/C unit and even use the control switch. Pretty sure it would stand up to the torque the blower requires to run. Just a thought, I love this car man. Truly one of a kind.

    • Hi Rusty. On the IRS the half-shafts double as the upper control arms. Shims are used to set camber. Yep, no charging if I’m not moving. I use the Optima yellow-top battery, which is designed for deep discharge and fast recharge. Ordinary batteries would only last a year or two.

      • Ya know, I kinda figured you for an Optima or glass mat. Ya gotta love a battery that won’t let you down don’t you? I use the glass mat on a lot of the motorcycles I work on, I can’t always get an Optima in those odd sizes, but the glass mat is pretty good too. Maint. free and mounting it is a breeze, even upside down if you want.
        I’d love to see how you’re driving that alternator, you have a lot of options to choose from.
        Kerry, have you seen the dwarf cars that guy in Minn. builds? I seen his 48 Merc. at one of the back to the fifties shows. I think his name is Ernie but I can’t swear to it. Exact replica except for the motor, he put a Toyota 22-R in it. Almost as fun as seeing your T but only almost.
        The one I regret not finishing was one that got stolen, a T body & box on a Dodge frame. Lot of work but was worth it. I had it done except for paint, interior was like an insert, 1/4 locks on floor and snaps along the roll over behind seats.
        Anyway, love the Potvin-T Kerry, any updates in the future, please post them.
        Thanks for sharing, Rusty

  4. John, I just listened to episode 6, our interview on my Potvin T. I am delighted with how that worked out. You managed to get me to talk coherently, a feat few have accomplished! I’m usually reluctant to brag, but I sent a link to darn near everyone I know…my 38 minutes of fame.

    Thanks for the great audio and the pics and article. You are such an asset to our crazy hobby.

    Kerry Smith

    • You’re more than welcome, Kerry. I was blown away the first time a saw a pic of your T-Bucket years ago. Meeting you and getting to see it in person at the T-Bucket Nationals was even more impressive and having the opportunity later to interview you about it was a real pleasure. I know that your work will inspire many T-Bucket builders to see what they can do to apply some thoughtful creativity to their own T’s. All the best, John


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