Our theme music,“My T-Bucket”

That funky stroll you hear in the intro and outro to our podcast is “My T-Bucket” by The Fractals a surf rock band from, of all places, the Duluth/Superior, Minnesota area. Every T-Bucket lover will want to add this to their music library and you can easily download it from the CD Baby Music StoreGuaranteed the best 99 cents a T-Bucket fan will ever spend!

The Fractals Death by Fender album

The single, My T-Bucket, also appears on The Fractals Death by Fender album.  The Fractals are a quartet that combines the influence of The Ventures, Link Wray, Davie Allan and surf guitar rock with ’60s British rock such as The Citations and The Who to produce a retro sound resulting in an upbeat, fresh and exciting album! Songs about cars, old B-movies and more! Hey, at just $9.99 for 16 great guitar tunes you can’t go wrong.

The Fractals Duluth

By the way, we don’t make anything on this. I just love their music and am so glad they granted permission to use My T-Bucket for our theme that I’m happy to help spread the word.