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Show Notes for Episode 5 – Don Garlits’ ’27 T Roadster

Don Garlits 1927 T roadster
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster back then
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster in the museum now
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster after removal of body, addition of another Model T frame half and Don moved behind rear axle
"King" Hogan's V-12 powered T roadster
“King” Hogan’s V-12 powered T roadster back then

Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing — a must visit!

“Auto” Biography, Don Garlits and His Cars — a must read!

Our in-depth story about Don Garlits ’27 T Roadster at

Our theme music is “My T-Bucket” by The Fractals a surf rock band from, of all places, the Duluth/Superior, Minnesota area. Every T-Bucket lover will want to add this to their music library and you can easily download it from the CD Baby Music Store. Or download all 16 great tunes from their “Death by Fender” album for only $9.99.

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  1. Keep ’em coming!

    I’ll never forget the time I missed a chance to meet Big Daddy at the Keystone Nationals. He was winding through the crowd in a golf cart and I was within distance, and he going slow enough, to reach out for a hello and maybe a handshake. But in that brief moment I was star struck and merely watched as he disappeared into the sea of people. Anyway, this episode was a real treat!

    1. You’d be surprised, Bill, how often that happens when meeting a hot rod hero. I was just talking to a very accomplished builder this week who shared his story of how he was too intimidated to strike up a conversation with one of his boyhood car building idols. Your ongoing support is much appreciated, John

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