Episode 4 – Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket

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Show Notes for Episode 3 – Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket

Links to our Leg Show Stories at TBucketPlans.com

Leg Show T-Bucket and Danny Eichstedt Blow Traditional Hot Rod Minds, Part 1

Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket, Part 2: and its 4000 Mile 1971 Street Rod Nationals Journey

Our theme music is “My T-Bucket” by The Fractals a surf rock band from, of all places, the Duluth/Superior, Minnesota area. Every T-Bucket lover will want to add this to their music library and you can easily download it from the CD Baby Music Store. Or download all 16 great tunes from their “Death by Fender” album for only $9.99.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket”

  1. Cool full on show rod,love it! As much as I love show rods,I do worry how many try to build a rod from a photo or car they saw,with out doing the also learning about engineering that goes into doing a good job. Knowing why a rod is great for shows an not for driving on the street,needs to be pointed out more often. Thanks,do enjoy. Happy rodding!

    • Thank you, Dana. Yes, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge in almost 50 years. Seat belts were just becoming standard equipment back then. Time has been of benefit in terms of hot rodders being more safety conscious, but it still takes reinforcement. Thanks again, John

  2. These are great, only one thing better would be videos to go with them.
    As a Canadian teenager all I could do was read Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, etc and dream of going to CA to see these cars.
    To see the builders, even in old age, would be great. Listening brings back lots of memories of cars I always wanted to see.
    Now at 74, I finally have the cash to build and finish a car.
    Keep up the good work, and thank you.


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