Episode 3 – Doug Siemen’s Hand-Fabricated Steel T-Bucket

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Show Notes for Episode 3 –  Doug Siemen’s T-Bucket

Doug Siemen T-Bucket
Doug Siemen’s traditional T-Bucket roadster

This podcast is an informative vehicle of TBucketPlans.com, where you can learn many ways to answer the question, “How to Build a T-Bucket?

Doug Siemen’s original concept mockup using a fiberglass T-Bucket body and Deuce rails
Framework for Doug’s hand-fabricated steel T-Bucket body
Checking to see that steel panels follow T body lines
Hand-fabricated steel T turtle deck
Might as well have two opening steel doors (before door skin added)
Built for fun!
It could be your’s with a donation to HelpingHannahsHeart.org for the May 4, 2019 drawing at Vintage TorqueFest

The National T-Bucket Alliance Facebook group.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Doug Siemen’s Hand-Fabricated Steel T-Bucket”

  1. Another great one. I’ve read about this car in a recent car mag (name escapes me just now) and was impressed by the initiative, execution, and the the reason the car was built. It’s a treat to find out more here, thanks!

  2. I ran into Doug at the Lonestar Roundup. I was dismayed by how little attention he and the car was drawing. The car truly is fantastic, and I encourage everyone to take a shot at winning this thing. I took a bunch of pictures I could post.

    • Thanks Lenny, I agree that Doug’s vision and workmanship are fantastic on this T roadster. I think it’s easy for people to think he’s a guy who just lucked into buying a time-warp T roadster and don’t realize it’s a new build. I was able to get a bunch of photos at the Detroit Autorama and will be posting them on a new post about the car soon at TBucketPlans.com. Thanks again, John


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