Episode 8 – Chuck Penry’s Stylish ’60s T-Bucket

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Show Notes for Episode 8 – Chuck Penry’s Stylish ’60s T-Bucket

When thousands saw their dream T-Bucket
And the image of the ideal T-Bucket continued to be emphasized
By the time it appeared in the third ad it was a legend
As Chuck’s T-Bucket appeared at the big 1966 Winternationals Long Beach car show
Chuck Penry today with his trophy from ’66
How it all started
With the dual-quad 283 SBC and Hydro tranny added
Hydro automatic was mated to a nicely chromed early Ford banjo rear axle
A timeless profile
But being close to Riverside Raceway brought about the drag racing urge
Beefy Olds rear end replaced the Ford banjo and frame was treated to lightening holes
“Speed holes” continued on to the front of the nicely tapered chassis rails
Raring to go with roll bar and slicks added

Our theme music is “My T-Bucket” by The Fractals a surf rock band from, of all places, the Duluth/Superior, Minnesota area. Every T-Bucket lover will want to add this to their music library and you can easily download it from the CD Baby Music Store. Or download all 16 great tunes from their “Death by Fender” album for only $9.99.

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