• Tom Booth Torsion T - Show Notes forEpisode 7 – Tom Booth’s Fantastic Torsion T Click the blue button below to listen to this episode. We’ll include more complete show notes shortly.
  • Kerry Smith T-Bucket Episode 6 – Kerry Smith’s Potvin Supercharged T-Bucket - How one T-Bucket builder combined some of the rarest traditional hot rod components with the latest technology to build a unique T-Bucket that's been racking up thousands of miles on the road for over two decades.
  • Episode 5 – Don Garlits’ 1927 T Roadster Paves the Way for Dragster Success - "Big Daddy" Don Garlits dragster success began with a 1927 T-Bucket roadster on a Model T frame with a Ford flathead engine. It accomplished Don's goal of defeating the local "King" but Don saw even bigger successful challenges when he removed the body and sat behind the rear axle.
  • Episode 4 – Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket - Danny Eichstedt's severely sectioned 1915 T-Bucket roadster with Jim Babb brass in abundance blew minds when it hit the hot rod scene in 1970.
  • Doug Siemen T-Bucket Episode 3 – Doug Siemen’s Hand-Fabricated Steel T-Bucket - Listen to Iowa hot rodder, Doug Siemen, tell about how he came to build a very traditional looking 1923 T-Bucket roadster that will be given away in a raffle to raise funds to help families of children with heart defects.
  • Hooked_T-Bucket_Hot_Rods_TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Episode 2 – TV Tommy Ivo - Hear TV Tommy Ivo discuss his initial T-Bucket inspiration and how he went about building his legendary T-Bucket hot rod.
  • Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Episode 1 Introduction Episode 1 – Introduction - Welcome to the Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast! Discover the history of T-Buckets, tips and tricks on their construction, as well as the fun of owning, driving and being part of the large T-Bucket hot rod community.