Episode 11 – Ed Iskenderian’s Legendary T Roadster

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Show Notes for Episode 11-Ed Iskenderian’s Legendary T Roadster

Link to our story at TBucketPlans.com about “La Cucaracha”, the Iskenderian T-Bucket Roadster

Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
Isky’s roadster in its early stages. Construction actually started in late 1930s.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
Ed on his way to Mexico where his T roadster picked up its’ “La Cucaracha” nickname — for being so low.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
The famous one-of-a-kind valve covers with Isky’s name.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
The Ed Iskenderian T roadster pic that got me going. (with updated autograph from interview session)
Ed Iskenderian interviewed by John Morehead
An interview I’ll never forget.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
Rightfully proud of a truly legendary T roadster.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
You’ll note the famous radiator ornament missing in this and the next pic.
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
When the Isky roadster was on display at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, CA
Ed Iskenderian T Roadster Isky
One of the most famous radiator ornaments ever.
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Big thanks to noted automotive author, Matt Stone, for arranging our Isky interview.

And, of course, link to Isky Racing Cams.
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Isky on the dry lakes where he got his T roadster inspiration 80 years ago!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Ed Iskenderian’s Legendary T Roadster”

    • Thanks Rolla. It’s a genuine treat to have the opportunity to spend a little time with a true hot rod legend like Isky, whose T roadster has inspired so many over the years.

  1. Happy Birthday to Ed, the “Camfather”.

    I had the good fortune to meet Ed, and talk with him at a swap meet in Southern CA a number of years ago. A very personable fellow.


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